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Health Care Articles

Get back on track with sleep after disruptions

We may have gained an hour of sleep when daylight saving time ended on Sunday, but we lost it to extra innings in the Kansas City Royals’ World Series victory.

Parents may notice cranky children this week after some major disruptions in sleep schedules, and although adults can typically deal with a few bleary-eyed days on fewer hours of sleep than normal, children don’t tolerate sleep disruption as well.

How much sleep does a child need? Bob Whitman, director of the sleep lab at Kansas Univers

Different medical situations call for different levels of care

Emergency rooms are there to take care of people. But are they always the best place for someone who needs medical care?

Health care professionals agree that different situations involve different levels of care; sometimes the ER is the right place, and other times an urgent care visit or a primary care doctor’s help are in order.

Patti Doncouse, director of the Emergency Department at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, doesn’t want to rule out anyone coming to the emergency room. “Your emergency is

Young athletes benefit from variety, health pros say

Chances are, there’s a young athlete in your neighborhood, maybe even under your roof, who wants to be the next LeBron, the next Serena — the next big name in sports.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many coaches and health professionals, say that focusing on intensive, single-sport training at a young age can increase the chance of injury and mental fatigue.

The AAP stated in a 2000 abstract (and reaffirmed in 2015): “Children involved in sports should be encouraged to participate

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